First day of SUMMER!

LOVE this place.

It is officially summer! I absolutely love this season, the blue skies, clear water, hot summer nights, bbq's, fireworks, beach days. What could be better?
We kicked off the first day of summer at the bay with many friends. The weather was amazing, it must have been 94 degrees on the sand, the water was clear and blue, lots of seashells, and hot sunny skies. The water was warm, I found myself enjoying playing around in the whitewash and walking down the beach. Brian and Tim enjoyed surfing the big waves, while Russ, Gregg, Peter, Ben and Steve enjoyed swimming, body surfing, and boogie boarding. The girls, Jules, Sadie, Cara, Jaymie, Nic and Lauren enjoyed chit chatting and reading gossip mags. I am looking forward to spending every Saturday and the beach with good friends!

waxing the new board

the boys

surfing girl

playing in the sand

the Boyer's

Scottsdale Arizona

I had a few meetings to attend in Scottsdale. While there I was able to meet up with Jeremy and Camille. It turns out they lived on the golf course of the resort I stayed at. Camille and I enjoyed laying out at the pool a couple times. The more I get to know her I just adore her! She is a great match for Jeremy and we really miss them. We hope they can move here someday! Jeremy is a good friend and example to Tim. We are so happy for the two of them!
Arizona was a bit warm... 108 degrees,but I did not mind the warm weather. I loved wearing dresses at night. The trip was mostly business but a couple nights I got to enjoy the shopping and dining next to the hotel. It was fun to get away.

The Bones

Interesting flower displays

Dawn, Nic, Bee

The view

A few new items

We are really enjoying our new BBQ and our new home.  I absolutely love having friends and family over for BBQ's and treats.   Timmy is a stellar chef on the BBQ, I love the fish he makes!  Every week and weekend since we have had the BBQ we have had people over and I am LOVING it!  

Checking it out

Our first BBQ meal on our new patio furniture

Decorating our new abode has been a lot of fun. Tim understands that I enjoy doing this so he lets me pick out all the colors and all the cute furniture. Thank goodness the newly painted walls look great and he likes the fun colors.  I would love to decorate homes and shop of unique furniture. I have not taken photos of all of our new purchases but here are a couple...

kitchen rug

First house warming gift! Thanks Hansen's. I love it!!

a quick visit

The Girls


Holly  came to town for a short weekend visit. We were able to meet up with here during our moving for a yummy lunch visit. Whenever she comes to town we always go to Javiers! Since the Laguna location has closed down and moved north we had the opportunity to finally check out the new Javiers in Newport Coast.  The decor is amazing, I am not sure what I enjoyed the most ... the food, the fans or the lanterns. I sure would love to decorate a huge home and a cozy patio! The best would be decorating all sorts of random homes with someone else's cash. Although we only spent a couple hours with Holly we enjoyed the visit. We miss you Holly come back soon.