Mat we love you like you are part of the family. So glad we could celebrate with you. Happy Birthday.

an antique original jail cell

entry way to jail


work life

i am still craving the huge rainbow sprinkle doughnut holes from here

first time to the grove only had time to check out 3 stores :-(

unique area of s.d.

nic n bee in the limo on our way to agenda

It is important for me to know what is going on in the fashion world especially retail. Part of my job consists of shopping... for trends, styles, colors, scoping out what people are wearing, who is shopping at what store and just seeing what products on the floor. During the past month I went out n about around San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles with Bee. I LOVE this part of my job. 


It has been one of those months where I have let the craziness of life take over my life. I have been overwhelmed with work and the day to day tasks of my life. It is not very often when I let my life totally stress me out and keep me from doing everything I enjoy. So I am back to blogging and spending time with all our great friends.