Another long day... started the day at 3:45 am this 16 hour time difference is insane! Ate breakfast on the 30th floor breakfast buffet for a team meeting before heading to the office. The view is incredible. I found out the island is man made. Can you believe that? Its all so interesting. Basically every view from the hotel looks at water (you can see in the pics). Worked 9-6ish. Took a lunch break and walked to Isumato this amazing store its like walmart/target/fred meyer and I love it! I will for sure be heading back there! I got lots of treats to bring home to bu and the family. They Japanese are very into animation so the store was super cool, in the veggie section they had these charactors and the 31 flavors even had charactors. I discovered some really cute stuff on the way out... didnt get a chance to look though since I was with the big boss man and I only had 15 minutes to shop and like I said it's like walmart so there were people everywhere! The line took forever! I did get to enjoy chocolate mint ice cream from 31 flavors and a chiken terikayi kabob.
After I finally got to go shopping!!! Went to Santamia across the water. I LOVED it! I only had 3 hours to shop which was not enough (hope I can go back here this week) cause did not get to enjoy all the shops. This place was super cool with rides: ferris wheel, roller coaster, carosal, a huge indoor mall, an outdoor mall on the water, and lots of restuarants. Bought some cute stuff and some gifts for the fam but I really need to go back because so many of the cute stores closed on us. Saw some half naked vegas type dancers dancing in the mall! Serisously can you believe it? This would not happen in the O.C. Grabbed a bit to eat at the Japanese version of In n Out. The food was okay, the people watching was great, and the view was amazing right on the water.
They drive on the opposite side of the road and it totally freaks me out. I get confused when crossing the street and being in the taxi was even worse! Even the escolators at the mall are opposite it is so strange.
Well I am exhausted so I'm off to bed.
Pictures to come when I have time to download all of them, I am a total tourist taking many pics whenever I get a chance to be outside.


I was exhausted yesterday so I didnt get a chance to post. Had a very long workday... 8:30 am - 8:30 pm. Thankfully it goes by fast since I am so busy. Basically a large group of peeps sit around talking about the shoes we finalize for Fall 2010. There are so many details that go into developing and desiging one shoe in one color that it takes a very long to review our entire collection... so that is why I work such long hours.
Any how I ate lunch at 7-11! They have an entire aisle of noodles (timmy would be in heaven) they also have sushi, udon, soba, and shrimp fried rice. I ate shrimp fried rice with some yummy olive oil chips. On the way to 7-11 I had the chance of almost stepping on a Cicada. I will upload pics and video so you can really get the vibe of these annoyingly loud insects and they are large... like a big beetle coch roach mix. Not many people ever see the Cicada since they are either underground or way up high in the tree tops, for some reason this large guy was flopping around on the floor and I had the fortune of almost stepping on him.
Pictures to come soon...