Party Time!

Nic, Brooke, Bria

Opening gifts with Maleana's help

Sadie, Jules, Nic, Timmy

Kirk, Luke, Naomi, Jules, Nic, Timmy

Patties being made by Tim and Luke

Fam: Nic, Bria, Katri

The boys grillin

The girls n babes chillin

We celebrated Tim's birthday with a BBQ Party.  Lots of fun was had by all who attended. Luke and Timmy made some tasty burgers with the special seasoning compliments of Luke.  We are so happy to be back with our family and friends especially when special occasions occur.  We love celebrating and spending time with all of you! It was great having Jules and Sadie here from Ptown, Bones from Arizona, and Crissy and Ella from Arizona all in town on Sunday!! So fun, we miss all of you and your spouses move back soon!  The week has been filled with lots of birthday celebrations!