Adios mi amiga

Jules I am missing you.  Hope you are loving Puerto Rico, learning Spanish, eating yummy new foods, and enjoying the beach with Sadie.  Thanks for letting us say goodbye with a delicious sushi dinner.

The Fourth of July

Michelle's artwork

Catching up on celeb gossip

The boys

Snacking and Relaxing 

It's been a long day... everyone passed out on the sand

The day was spent at the beach from morn until night. We had a great day relaxing with friends. Tim surfed all day, he only came out to say hello to friends and eat some snacks. The weather was a little crummy till the early afternoon, but it was still warm out and we enjoyed chatting, reading mags, and sleeping. The night ended with a BBQ at our place and to our surprise fireworks right at our house. We were greatly surprised with two firework shows right outside our front yard. I love this holiday!