We are back...

You may have wondered where we have been?  The past month has been non stop busy, flying by extremely fast.  I have been working the night shift for the past three weeks, which totally throws my entire body and life off.  I am continuously exhausted.  I had a major color deadline at work where I colored about 60 shoes and materialized half of those.  
We have been packing and unpacking.  Buying our first home and moving, all very unexpectedly and faster than we could have ever imagined.  We made the decision to buy in all of one day and moved in 3 weeks later to our new abode.  Thank fully my sister has come over to help unpack the kitchen and organize the tons of dishes and pots n pans we have.  It has been so fun opening boxes, it is like we just got married all over again, seeing all the great gifts we received from our wedding that have never been used!  So excited to BBQ, make fresh juice and homemade ice cream.  
When I am not working and not unpacking I have been shopping like crazy for furniture. I love decorating! Still looking for a few more items for the house, if anyone wants to shop with me let me know.
We love visitors, so stop by anytime!

My desk, you can not see all the material books, but my desk is covered with them.

Katri working it in the kitchen

Tim and Matt attempting to add a leaf to our table

We love our wedding gifts!

Is there enough stuffing in every box?