this is me...

Some of you may have been wondering why it looks like our life has slowed and we are not doing something everyday and everynight?  Well it's official, I got a job, I am fully employed, and totally enjoying it. I am a Product Marketing Coordinator of an International shoe company for two of their lines. You may wonder what I do? So far, I have looked at lots of shoe samples, had an all night video conference with Asia and Europe, reviewed shoe samples, named shoes for upcoming collections, researched via Internet sites and magazines, and small projects here and there. In the short time I have been working with shoes I am already wanting to design shoes, it is just so fun to come up with creative ideas. I showed up to work the first day and could not even locate my desk because it was covered from floor to about six feet high with shoes, shoes and more shoes! No worries because we all know how anal I am about organizing and cleaning so I got right to it. Although I have been busy working we still head out almost every night to dinner, the  beach, or of course Yogurtland with friends ( I just have not been photoging all the outings).
p.s. It looks like there will be a sample sale within the next few months so I will let you know details if you are interested.

me in front of our shoe wall

More Birthday Celebrations...

Dad and Bria

First Try...

Hand Made card by Aunt Linda

Second try!

A gift my Aunt brought back from Greece for me

Birthday girl n family

Eewww it's dirty and sticky!

First birthday cake

Jake the snake

The partying was non-stop last weekend. Sunday we celebrated Izzy's First Birthday, Dad's Birthday and Bria's Birthday. Izzy's party was a big Italian feast with lots of yummy homemade dishes. We had a fun time watching all the children interact with one another and jump in the bounce house. I really enjoy seeing how much the little ones grow and change over such a short period of time! Jake is such a little crack up, he calls him mom Katie instead of Mom and he is only two. The cake was adorable but Izzy sure was not enjoying it! She did not understand what was going on and she absolutely hates getting dirty so she would not even touch the thing. 

We left party early to head straight to another double birthday celebration at my parents house. Dad grilled up some Fish on the BBQ and we enjoyed the evening with my family. Bria is almost an adult, its pretty crazy how fast those past 15 years have gone by.  She is taller than me and just a little bigger than me, I can hardly believe she is so grown up. We are absolutely loving the amount of time we are able to spend with my family and all of our friends. I could not be happier to be back home!