So Long, Good Bye, It's Been FUN!!!

Jo, Nic, and Ambs
After spending the first year (and a few months) of married life in Downtown Salt Lake City it is time to say our goodbyes.  When thinking back the time has come and gone too quickly, the first year of marriage has honestly gone way too fast.  I still can not believe our time in Utah is over.  At first it felt like two years or so was going to be a very very long time here in SLC.   We were anxious to have our life together, start our own way of doing things, and getting settled into married life but WOW so much has happened and we have enjoyed all of it!  
I could not be more excited and eager to get back to the warm weather with the smell of the ocean and our family surrounding us.  I felt like we missed out on many eventful and special times going on in our friends and families lives back in California. I am so ecstatic to be with each of them again and create many more memorable times. 
We will miss the interesting and fun people we have come to know while being in Salt Lake. There are many great memories we have made while living Downtown through school, church, work, friends of friends, and just shopping at Anthro!  We want you each to know you have made an impression in our hearts and lives, we will truly MISS you each SO MUCH.  Thank you for your friendship, compassion, happiness, understanding and most of all your love and strength. You are always welcome in our home, we hope you make your way to Orange County in the near future. 
Jo and Amber hosted a FUN filled party for us last night! Thank you everyone for the "on the road" package of games, goodies, and tunes! The party was rockin till the weeee  hours of the night! I do not recall the last time I was out till 3am. I was happy but sad all at the same time. I am really going to miss Jo and Ambs.  I loved all the fun and funny times we have shared here in SLC. I love how life happens in ways that I NEVER would have thought it would be! My life is always filled with adventure and I try to just have fun and enjoy (sometimes it is hard) but it is so worth it! Thank you for the great time girls! We love you and will miss having you so close.