Hogle Zoo

Niccole had the day off yesterday, so we decided to go to the zoo. Salt Lake has a really nice zoo nestled on top of the hills. They just completed the new Asian Highlands exhibit and it was awesome. My favorite animals at the zoo are Giraffes and we couldn't get close to them this time because of some construction going on. We did see wolves,cheetahs,lions,tigers,bears,elephants,reptiles,alligators,monkeys, and much more. Part of me felt bad for the animals being in captivity. Some of them just looked so sad. It was extremely crowded yesterday and I was really confused. The parents must of pulled their kids out of school to enjoy the last days of fall, because it was extremely crowded. I have never seen so many misbehaved children in one place. I'm convinced that the animals had better manners than some of these children. There was this really nice Cheetah exhibit at the zoo and it was easily the most popular exhibit. This cheetah was pacing back and forth by the glass, while little ill mannered children were smashing on the glass taunting this animal. These children were pounding on this glass as hard as they could and part of me was wishing that this cheetah would break through the glass and start mauling these little kids. We ended up leaving as the cheetah appeared to be planning its attack on these little kids.