La casa de Johnson

Today I spent the day with my in-laws. We had so much in Mexico! Our destination was Puerto Nuevo, for any of you lobster fans I bet you have been there. We enjoyed a great meal of fresh tortillas larger than ever with beans, rice and LOBSTER we just could not get enough of this yummy food and of course we downed way too many bowls of chips n salsa. This time around we were able to experience a new appitizer (compliments of the restaurant) smoked fish us girls were not too into it but Ed enjoyed it alot. The waiters at the restaurant had fun time playing jokes on us, they even brought out a mouse! We checked out some resort condos on the ocean, of course the views were amazing and we spotted dolphins. The shopping was awesome too! The entire time I kept day dreaming of Timmy, everything south of the border reminded me of him in some way, I miss him tremendously. I must say the most interesting event during the trip was an american at the border standing at our car for 5 minutes describing to us (thru closed windows) that his brother was in an accident and is now in jail in Mexico and he needs our money... dont worry we did not give any free handouts. It was sad to see the lifestyle of so many people across the border, I am once again so thankful to live in America - the land of opportunity. God Bless America.

We LOVE you Dad!

Father's Day Weekend has been so much fun this year! Festivities all weekend long... I had the opportunity to spend an evening with not only my parents but my aunt, uncle and cousins. We had a delicous meal at Houstons the fish was wonderful and although I am not a big artichoke dip fan the dip was very yummy. We all cleared our plates as well as downed the two free apitizers they delivered to our table (the wait was riduculous!) The restaurant has great food I recomend it as well as their sister restaurant Bandera (the corn bread is so so so yummy, try it out). Well, basically I just love love love food and can not get enough of it! As Katie says I have an eating disorder where I eat EVERYTHING! Thanks mom and dad for the great genes. It was unfortunate that Tim was not around to spend time with my fam, we just love being with them. My dad has given us so much advice about life, love and children. We are both anxious to get back to OC to be close to our families once again. As we were leaving the restaurant my dad pointed out this remodeled car, he actually used to have a car very similar to this... so I had to get a photo. My father is a car enthuist and my adorable hubby is following in his footsteps. I sure do love the men in my life. Happy Father's Day dad.

Babes at the Beach

Another great couple of days at the beach. Since returning for the summer it has been my little tradition to spend every Friday and Saturday at Three Arch with the girls. On Fridays usually it is just Kisa and I and occasionally we are privelaged to be accompanied by some of our other girlfriends. Today Kel joined us from HB (she is still as skinny as ever but would not allow us to take photos). Of course we had a great time talking about Kisa's single - kinda dating life and Kel's wedding plans (her wedding is less than one month away!!) On Saturdays Nic comes down from CDM and we laugh over all the funny stories from her friday nights out on the town! Kelly finally made it down to hang out on Saturday, she usually is still in bed when Nic and I are hanging out. When I'm with the girls it seems we never have a dull moment and we always have something to talk about. I am having such a wonderful time being in the same county as all my girlfriends. I have missed them all tremendoulsy while being away. I really do love all my great friends!