What a treat! We were finally able to meet up with the Stricklands and meet their new little bundle of joy! Caleb is already a handsome little man... watch out ladies. Joelynn is a natural at motherhood, I just died seeing her interact with Caleb. We had a fun night reminiscing, laughing, catching up and of course eating. Joelynn is always incredibly thoughtful, every time she spots something with a butterfly she picks it up for me! I loved all the treasures you brought over; vases, picture frame, jewelry box and mostly Caleb. Thank you for thinking of me. We love you three.





A little shout out to the newly married couple Andrew and Elle. We were happy to attend their lovely reception at the Chart House. The weather was amazingly warm for November and the view was incredible. Elle was stunning in her Spanish made dress and adorable vintage hat. Andrew looked hot in his brown suit (vintage style) and I just loved how the two of them looked together. Such a beautiful happy couple.
Andrew has always been a great example to Timmy and I am forever grateful that he and Tim met back in High School. Andrew stands up for what he believes and strives to make good decision. I know Tim has watched his actions for many years and it is because of Andrew and so many of their other boyfriends that Tim is where he is know in life. Thank you Andrew for your friendship.
Congratulations! We are absolutely thrilled for you both! I enjoyed seeing you both radiating with happiness on your Wedding Day.



First Dance Andrew and Elle