Izzy's Christening

Neil and Lisa's daughter was Baptized today. We enjoyed being there with my friends from high school and their spouses and children. Today not all the girls were able to make it (sad, it seems that the older we get the harder it is to find time for us to be in the same place at the same time). I feel so fortunate to be home for the summer, we have missed out on so many events while being in Utah. So today was a special day for me to be able to witness a stepping stone in Izzy's life while being the company of some of my greatest friends. I love them each so much and it is a special treat to watch Lisa, Kate and Chrissy with their sweet children. I sure am going to miss all the girls when I leave very soon. Moving back to the OC will be the happiest day of 2008 for me. Lisa's family put on a lovely Italian party and we had a fabulous day!

Family Love

Each summer my cousin Holly comes for a visit from San Fran and all us girls go to the ArtAFair and Sawdust in Laguna. (See website for discount http://www.sawdustartfestival.org and http://www.art-a-fair.com) This year Timmy joined us! All the adults found some great artwork and us youngster enjoyed checking out the photography and jewlery. We ran into Mike - a blast from the past - he is doing some amazing art work! Our favorites are the skateboards, especially the series he designed for Toy Machine, my fav is the butterfly board. Check out his website mikekershnar.com. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Javiers, we recommend the lobster enchiladas, everyone cleared their plates! So sad Javiers will be leaving Laguna very shortly, they are opening in Newport Coast and Cabo!


I feel so fortunate to have such great friends. Each week I get to spend time with my friends (and sis) doing different activities and going on different outings. The other day I met up with Summer and Maryam for some good eats and treats then we headed over to Talega where my sister joined us and we toured some model homes. I had a lot of fun with the girls and their children. And I am always amazed at how well behaved all my friends children are!
We were surprised by a very fast visit with Kirk and Chelsea! We do not get to see them enough and everytime we do we all wish we lived in the same county. Selma's was delicious! I recomend the WARM BROWNIE TOPPED WITH ICE CREAM it was the perfecting ending to a fulfilling dinner. And the prices were amazing! Selma's is located on del mar in sc. We look forward to the day we can travel with Kirk and Chelsea.