Volleyball BYU v CSULB

I have enjoyed seeing Jules so much over the past few weeks! Friday we headed up to the Volleyball game to cheer Russ and the team on. Unfortunately the game did not go as well as we had hoped but it was still fun. The girls cheered loudly from the stand while the boys got embarrassed. After the game we ate Rosco's chicken and waffles which was a hit by all who enjoyed the yummy greasy fatty foods!

Nic and Chrissy

Party Foul!!

Jules and Chelsea

So sad BYU lost

Naomi, Luke, Tim

Birthday celebrations

Nic with Birthday boy

Luke, Joe, Britt

Choco Oreo sprinkle mix


We spent most nights this week celebrating Tim's birthday! We enjoyed Takao with Katri and Matt eating Hummingbirds and the yummy rolls we love. We celebrated his birthday night at Albertacos followed by Cherry on Top with a few good friends. I can not express enough how ecstatic we are to be back with our friends and family especially for special occasions!  Tim enjoyed his week working, surfing, golfing, and swimming along with spending time with our friends and my fam. Happy Birthday Bubuu.