turkey day

I am so happy to finally have a couple days off of work... working weekends is no fun. The day was spent with family and all our dogs. I made the gravy for the 1st time this year wow what a process that is... it took forever but actually ended up tasting good. This time of year is my favorite all the family time and yummy food!

of course the boys want to eat all the turkey

fresh lobster

Lobster season is amazing! We are fortunate to live near the ocean which brings us so much happiness and yummy sea creatures... like lobster. Thanks to Monty for being such a great diver we have enjoyed many yummy lobsters.

fall is in the air

our tomatoes are ripe!
the leaves out front

I love this time of year when the temperature drops, the smell of fire can be smelt from chimneys around the neighborhood, the leaves are changing and can crunched beneath my feet, finally all my fall boots, sweaters and tights can be worn.