Welcome to the world Owen!

6lbs 14 ounces 19 inches

the family together for the first time

freshly cleaned

a fathers love

Owen O. Asay was born March 25th at 12:29 pm.  We are extremely excited for Joe and Britt.  Thank you for letting us participate in this wonderful miracle of child birth. Joe kept me informed all morning of Britt's status, I rushed down from Huntington to be there when little Owen was making his way into this life. Unfortunately, I do not do well in the hospital due to psychological issues in my head from some serious accidents of friends, especially at Mission, it just brings back such horrible sad thoughts. So yesterday while being in the room with Britt as she was pushing (which only took about 35 minutes!) I was on the verge of fainting and had to go lay in the hallway.  I missed the birth but ran in once I knew Owen was out. I am amazed at our bodies and the entire miracle of life itself.  Britt looked great after giving birth, this is the first time I have been around anyone giving birth but she made it look so easy and smooth. I must say  I am absolutely terrified of giving birth I do not know how I am ever going to get through it. I guess we have no need to worry about it any time soon.  But I am very excited to be prego and have a babe sometime soon. Congrats Britt and Joe, we are excited to spend time with Owen!