Happy Birthday Christina

The Bowen's had a large gathering in honor of Christina's 29th birthday. Wow its hard to believe we are getting so old, I feel like we are barely out of high school. There was about 30 of us who enjoyed the delicious Peruvian food, my personal fav were the fried plantains... so yummy! I can not recall the last time I laughed this much. My cheeks hurt at the end of the night from smiling and laughing. I think karkar, kate, katri and I were the entertainment for the night. We reminisced about some fun times way back in high school. Sometimes I miss those days when life was so easy, we had no commitments, and loads of free time to stalk, laugh, shop, dance, wander target, and talk on the phone for hours. Once again I must say I am extremely grateful to be back in Orange County with my friends and family. What is one of your fun memories from High School?

The Birthday Girl!

The Girls

Kate, Christina, Kim