Downtown LA

Timmy's favorite music store
detailed artwork on the building
the new ride
the look on my face when the jewelry told me to stop cracking my skinny boney fingers
A cute Italian alley down town

One of the gifts Tim gave me for Christmas was a new ring.  Towards the end of January we headed up to the Jewelery District in LA to have my ring made. Joe and Britt joined us for the excursion. On the way up we stopped on PCH to pay for our new car. We spent the day in LA downtown in the Jewelery District and the Fashion District. Britt picked out some great prints for the new bebe's room. The boys shopped at Amoeba, us girls could not part with our handbags (which had to be left at the front of the store which does not insure anything over $300) so we headed across the street for some appetizers.  We ended the day in LA at Rosco's Chicken and Waffles.  I have always been a fan of people watching... my fav of the day was the African American with a grill of gold, a head of dreads and a make shift store (aka a table) outside of Rosco's with a variety of designer jeans, wallets, shoes and beanies - the best was he was smokin a joint like it was no big deal! He and his posse were hilarious and also very friendly.  No big deal as we were pulling away he hopped into his $130,000 E63 AMG. I am in the wrong biz (well I am unemployed) I need to be working the streets selling some goods!  Britt sorry he could not hook u up with those TR maternity jeans. On the way down south we picked up the new ride. Such a fun day!

miss u Jo.

Kirk and Chelsea...

We were so happy to spend some time at the Newport Beach temple with Kirk and Chelsea for their special day. With us all living here again we see alot of them and it is so much fun!!! Congratulations love birds.

Santa Barbara or bust!

Timmy and I celebrated the New Year in Santa Barbara. Nic and Brett as well as Kirk and Chels joined us for some fun. We ate lots of yummy food, shopped till we dropped, surfed, and rode bikes. The weather was amazingly warm, upper 70's! We were all sweating during the bike road along the beach! 

Christmas fun!!

We attempted to get a sibling photo... Drake, Nic, and Katri
Bria, Katri, and Nic decorating cookies
a few of the finished goodies
Nic, Timmy, Katri, Lucas on Christmas Eve.
us being silly
Our days are always filled so much, working, eating, visiting with family and friends, frozen yogurt runs, shopping, surfing. Here a few long over due events I have wanted to post about...
Every year my mom does Christmas Eve. Friends and family gather for fun times and yummy food! My mom always goes way over the top for Christmas and Katri and I just love it! Each day on Christmas we spend the entire with my family and the relatives on my moms side of the fam.  Holly started the tradition of us kids decorating cookies.  Love this day!