Eel, Tuna, Funky Charly, Shrimp, Edamame...

Sushi! Last night we enjoyed one of our last nights out with Jo, Ambs, and Kent. I was thrilled a year ago when I found out Ambs was moving to SLC and us three girls would all be united again! Just like high school but now Ambs has a baby, I am married and Jo is getting her PHD. Honestly it feels like only a couple years ago when we wondering the aisled at Target on a boring Wednesday night or driving around Orange County to check out hotties or hanging out laughing all night over silly stuff... WOW how the time flies! Jo and Ambs have made my time in Utah feel that much more like home. I am going to miss seeing them both on a weekly basis. It is funny how life takes you to unexpected places on random journeys - oh I love being with people who make my life happy and fun. Girls I love you both and will miss you so so so much. I hope you come home to Orange County often. 

Nemo and friends in aquarium behind us... hope we didn't eat them for dinner!

Can you tell we have been in Utah for awhile??? We are so pale and crusty!

Christmas Devotional

I wish you could see the background... there is a life size camel from the nativity

The newlyweds Maggie and Jonathan
The view from the Conference Center of lights on Temple Square
Happy Hannaka... A blue tree at The Gateway. I love looking out the window and seeing these trees each night!

I'm not sure what I love more... Being in the same room as the Prophet or the Spirit of Christmas?
Tonight we were privileged to attend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints First Presidency Christmas Devotional. At this event the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings a variety of Christmas songs, the living day Prophet President Gordon b. Hinckley speaks, along with his counselors on topics related to the birth of Jesus Christ and the Christmas season. How I love the feeling of the powerful spirit that surrounds the Prophet. I would absolutely be thrilled to hug this little man and to shake President Monson's hand (he is my fav).  The Prophet seems to be aging this will most likely be the last time Tim and I will see him since we are heading out of Utah and will not be attending conference live for a long while. The weather was bit nippy after the first snowy storm yesterday but we endured the walk.  We met up with Maggie and Jonathan for a stroll through Temple Square. I sure am going to miss being so close to Temple Square and attending the events here.

Festival of Trees

Friday night Jo and I had girls night just the two of us (we do not have too many girlfriends here) we had so many activities we wanted to do it was a difficult decision to pinpoint just what to do. Since we are both loving the Christmas season and all the fun festivities that come along with this time of year we headed over to the Festival of Trees. What an amazing charity event this is! It is actually a rather large production of not only pine trees big and small magnificently decorated going for thousand of dollars but, gingerbread homes very elaborately decorated, wreaths, sweet treats, play houses and dancing and singing groups. All in the name of Primary Children's Hospital. 
What a touching and humbling experience this was, seeing the photos of those whom each tree was decorated for and hearing the heartbreaking stories that came along with each loss.  I guess I should briefly explain this event... Individuals, families, and companies sponsor/donate a tree but not just any tree a tree decorated very elaborately in a theme, each tree is unique to the individual who has passed away. Wealthy families and individuals bid on these trees for thousands of dollars. All the proceeds from the entire event are donated to the Primary Children's Hospital. Last year the event raised over $1.5 million dollars. For example a young man from the BYU football passed away and his tree was decked out with autographs of the foot ball team and mass amounts of football related items. Going along with the theme are other items around the tree and everything is related. It is amazing! My favorites were the trees adorned with butterflies and the tool tree (this reminded me of my dad) it was a tree made of wire and metal decorated with tool and hardware related items accompanied by a tool box and hundreds of tools. I look forward to the day when Tim and I can do something similar to this. I would love to decorate a tree and donate it as well as bid on these amazing trees.
I often forget how fortunate I am to be a healthy thin young woman with every opportunity in front of me. I am extremely grateful for the life I am privileged to live.  Although life flies by life is short I was reminded of this as I saw photos of way too many young children and young adults whose lives ended before they had expected. Enjoy this time of year with all those you love dearly.  Merry Christmas.

Christmas on Temple Square

We spent last Sunday evening enjoying the first weekend of Christmas lights and festivities on  Temple Square with Kent, Ambs, little Andy and Jo. The temperature was freezing but we laughed as we people watched and checked out the vibrant array of lights in every color of the rainbow. I am going to miss this place with its beauty and peacefulness.