We had an eventful evening in Provo yesterday. Seeing Steve and Jessie married was a trip!! The boys skated while the girls chilled, the sun was so warm it felt great. After the skate session we headed across the street to Jules and Russell's house. We ate yummy pizza from CPK and hung out all night laughing and chit chattin. We always enjoy being around friends!

Carni Time!

The Utah State Fair was taking place not to far from us so we headed over with Ambs, Baby Andy and Kent. I can not decide which was better; the entertainment we got from people watching or the yummy fried, fatty, greasy, expensive carni food? Do you have any favorite carni foods?
Andy enjoyed petting the animals but was scared by the loud noises the creepy roller coasters made. The boys talked music all evening long, while Ambs and I discussed random issues. We had fun laughing all evening! Did I mention it costs the two of us a total of $4 to get in? All our money was spent on the food! My belly still aches.

In my ELEMENTE. . .

I discovered a hidden store the other day! Elemente is filled with vintage and antique home goods. I found many great pieces that would look fabulous in our home. Many of the pieces throughout the store were in pretty good shape (being that they were old and all). Britt we will check it out next time you are here.