Our LOVE Story...

Many of you are probably wondering why Wedding Pics are being blogged about. Well, since we have recieved some requests to post images from "our day" I thought it would be nice for those of you who knew us both but did not know we were married to see some pics... enjoy


Mom and dad hosted a welcome home party aka BBQ for Timmy. Our close friends celebrated Tim's arrival with lots of delicious food, good times and entertainment by the youngsters. Kate and Lisa brought their little ones; Jake and Issy who entertained us all evening long. Jake has changed tremendously in the past few months, he is a little man and enjoys smiling constantly. Issy is still tiny but much larger than just a couple months ago at her birth, she is too cute and such a sweet baby.
I once again feel so blessed to be home for the summer with my family and friends. I missed both of these babies births and am so happy to be able to see them and hang out with their mamma's this summer. I still find it hard to believe that my close girlfriends have children. Someday Katrina and I will have our little ones... but until then we will enjoy playing with the girls babies.
Tim cooked up some yummy burgers, my mom prepared all the other tasty food and Katri helped me with the melting of choco for the cupcakes and I made Ice cream cookie sandwiches. Everything was a hit!
Welcome home bubuu. xoxoxxo