Recent obsession...

tart n sweet

Michelle hoping for goodluck

Tim and Gregg loved the potstickers!

yummy asian chips

Love that Hello Kitty is everywhere!

Chinese culture and Yogurtland.  Michelle and Greg  introduced us to the best yogurt I have ever had. The surrounding Asian stores and Restaurants make the trip even more enjoyable.We hit up Yogurtland and the restaurants twice these past few days with Michelle and Greg, Chrissy and Luke, and Jules. Tim is now a fan of bobba drinks and timbulyan.  Some spots worth checking out ... Kitty House which is filled with random hello kitty trinkets reminding me of elementary school and my obsession with hello kitty and friends. 
Ranch 99 Market has many authentic Asian food items, some of which are tasty! I am loving the hello panda cookies and Tim enjoys the fruity candies.  I found some great soap as well that smells delightful and is packaged so cute. 
I am excited to say Yogurtland is coming to laguna hills, mission viejo, and santa margarita. But I think we will be visiting the Irvine store most often for the entertainment found around the shopping centers.