New York City

I have been fortunate to have friends who let me work with them (and play too). I headed to New York this past weekend with Nic to attend ENK. The time flew bye with all the work, we had a little time to walk around the city - Time Square, Ground Zero, Manhattan, Statue of Liberty and eat at some great restaurants (always a favorite when working tradeshows). The trip across the country was HORRIBLE! I must say I have been to a many places and on many flights and NONE of them beat this experience, not even the flight to Costa Rica with the tico smoking, this flight was AWFUL. I honestly thought we just might go down and die. Imagine being on a bumpy flight, a few bumps here and there okay not so fun but manageable, now imagine the bumps for 5 hours straight and picture yourself at Magic Mountain on an unstoppable roller coaster that continuously drops then throws you straight back up over and over and over again. This was our flight. Nic was screaming, her body being raised to the ceiling, I am holding to both seats for dear life, and the majority of the passengers kept gasping. Now I understand what seat belts on airplanes are for... If you weigh less than 100 lbs you will find yourself trying to avoid hitting the overhead baggage compartment if your belt is not tight. Lets just say I had a headache for the past 4 days. I enjoy seeing different places and experiencing new things but I always love returning home!
top of hotel

Hotel hallway
Hotel Lobby
two story aquarium in lobby

Time Square

Random Street in taxi

Ground Zero

Just a bit . . .

About what we have been up to recently. The weather has been warmer, warm enough to head down to the bay or to the Talega pool so on our days off we have enjoyed the wonderful warm weather, clear blue skies, good waves and fun company. Tim got a new ride, I guess I should say two new rides - a man car and a doyle for the bay. He has sure been enjoying both of them a ton! I planned girls night with some high school friends we went out in San Clemente and as always had fun eating and laughing! The time is going too fast before we know it summer will be over!

Tim headed down to Mexico with his dad

Girls night El Ranchito

Tim has been out here everyday surfing

Tim's new ride
Milk n Honey photo shoot
Playing with seaweed
Enjoying the sunset at the bay