3rd street promenade & venice beach


Michigan Ave. Congress Plaza Hotel

Chicago won the Stanley Cup. Lots of Hockey items all over the city.

Unique market in Lincoln Park. Gluten free products.

The trip was way too short. There were so many different neighborhoods I needed to visit and not nearly enough time. While in Chicago I was doing market & trend research; people watching, shopping, checking out colors, patterns, materials, window displays and the overall fashion scene in Chicago. I took the subway to lincoln park and lakeview... that was an adventure got lost and had to take 4 subways! I enjoyed this area, it is hip & clean and the homes are adorable. I could have spent an entire day just these two neighborhoods walking up and down all the streets. In the afternoon I headed to wicker park. I loved the shopping over here! Unfortunately by the time I arrived I only had 1 hour to check out the shops before they closed. The street is lined with many vintage, thrift, and boutique shops intermixed with random cafes. I was so sad I could not visit the vintage shops (tear). Next time I will plan to visit this area for an entire day! It is very trendy and young cool people live around here. I spent my last day on michigan ave and state street walking the streets and checking out displays. Chicago is such a fun city! I loved the chicagans... so friendly and the food was so yummy! Found a great market with gluten free products and loved the gluten free italian eatery in wicker park.