Day of Love

The weather has been incredible all weekend long. Much of the weekend was spent outside enjoying the warm 80 degree weather. We headed to the movies... I never go to the movies so this was a treat, saw CrazyHeart... enjoyed it but hit too close to home...sad. Played at the park, layed at the park, walked around down town Laguna... with all the tourist...boohoo, enjoyed dinner outside, layed at the pool, surfed, layed at the beach, enjoyed lunch on the patio, partied with friends on lover's night, planted succulents n veggies and most importantly but not so exciting changed my diet.


While the boys headed down south to Mexico the girls headed to Mission Beach to stay at Mia's beach house. The weather was beautiful and sunny. Thor tagged along with all the girls and had a blast. This was his first time sleeping away from home I thought he did well... but Michelle will tell you differently... she is such a light sleeper and got no sleep due to all Thor's little noises. Mia gave us the tour... driving us all over town to eat, shop, see the sea creatures, people watch, and eat some more. I had a fun weekend with Barb, Jane, Macie, Michelle, Mia and Thor baby.