MOOSE Crossing!

Yes this is an actual real life moose on the freeway!!! This evening we drove to Park City to do some shopping. The drive was beautiful, snow on the pine trees, all the trees have just started to turn a burnt orange, clear blue skys, and a moose on the freeway! We we were in awe this was amazing one of the coolest things I have seen. He was just walking down the freeway like it was no big deal. He was huge with super large antlers (he was the size of a small car!). Unfortunantly my photo is not very good, I was yapping on the phone when OOH MY WORD I spotted him on the road so, I had to drop my phone, grab my bag, dig for my camera all while Tim is going 70 mph past the poor moose. I really wish you all could have seen him! This is just another thing that makes me love Utah. Nature is breathtaking.

Special Day!

Just wanted to give a shout out to a few friends who came to spend the day with us Sunday in celebration of my hubby. We love you guys and always seem to have a blast hanging out and laughing! Thank you for coming up to see us, we had A TON of fun!

more fun...

all weekend long was just fun fun fun! Attending the skate contest, the motox contest, free yummy food, watching the pros go crazy on the vert ramp, free massages, great food at delicious restaurants, time with friends, and lots of shopping! I am really starting to LOVE Utah. We discovered some new restaurants with Anthony and Fabreez, come back any time boys and we will eat Bombay! Here are some random photos...