We headed to the OC Tavern for an up close intimate concert with Timmy Curran and White Buffalo. The show was amazing! Nic and I were at the very front rockin during Timmy's performance and the entire time he was singing to us... well it seemed as if he were singing directly to the two of us, since he kept looking at us smiling. We even had him laughing with us during a song. He is so talented, I love his voice and how he is just so mellow and all about the music. Nic was drooling all night over him and his drummer. After the show we talked with him for a few minutes, what a humble kind guy he is. Highlights of the night included him serenading us and hanging out with Tim and Ben (it has been so long since I have seen these boys). Such a fun night!


Nic this is for you... the hot drummer