I would love to live here... I would eat candy all day long


With all the Christmas festivities going on around us we finally took a little break for just the two of us... Date Night with some close friends. The night started with some relaxation, venting, gaming, chilling out our place followed by a yummy meal at Claim Jumper with appetizers and a filling dinner.  For many years Timmy has taken me to the Ritz Carlton to enjoy all the Christmas decorations especially the life size gingerbread house. The decor was Beautiful with all the vibrant shades of purple, the company was good but honestly I was disappointed at the gingerbread house. Is the Ritz feeling the economic crisis too? It sure did look like it!  I understand the theme was build around sandcastles, it was just not what I anticipated and expected out of a gingerbread house. But it sure did look pretty! All the treats looked really yummy and the artist did do a good job at creating the sand castle effect.  We had such a fun time all night! I do not want Christmas to end.