sushi party

Just got home from sanamiya… it’s the main town on the island. Wow. What an interesting night. After a long day at the office coloring shoes (from 7;30-7;00) dropped my bag off at the hotel had 5 minutes to run upstairs brush teeth grab my purse and catch the bus into town. This was an adventure, hop on the bus which is nice the city bus is like one of those nice tourist buses you see usually with Asians at south coast plaza or Disneyland, its clean but really really really hot lets just say it looked like I peed when I got off the bus. Any how grab an aisle seat on the bus then suddenly a guy stops and pulls out this weird tiny extra seat that sits in the aisle… then all these men start talking to me in Japanese then they start touching me and asking where I am from they thought I was Italian and the entire bus ride 5 of them are talking to me and touching me… gross! All my guys were at the back of the bus so they could not save me. Went to the most amazing authentic fresh sushi place. Had the greatest sushi I have ever tasted. Tried lots of things I have never eaten before. Since I am the newbie I had to eat a live shrimp yup u heard it right it was alive wiggling and all. The whole room was cheering me on! I ate the little guy and he was yummy and huge! The guys were pretty impressed I ate him alive with his tail flopping against my chin. Then I had to eat a shrimp head the size of two fingers… a big guy. The first bit wasn’t to bad a little salty really crunchy with lots of long long legs then the second bite was disgusting suddleny an expolsion of juice is in my mouth totally disgusting tasting… come to find out it was his brain. Had a really fun time with the coworkers. Headed to an authentic karaoke bar had a blast! Came one second away from killing a pedestrian in our speeding taxi on the way home. Had a splendidly fun night out on the town. Really like the city!