Special Treat...

Baby Sadie came for a visit this week! We were fortunate to spend time with Jules n Russell twice in one week! They came down to buy a new toy at the Apple Store. Sadie is a great baby she just chills while we do our thing. We had fun with them and look forward to the last year of BYU volleyball games with them.

Such a busy week!

The week is flying by! I have not had enough time to update the blog this week, with interview after interview each day I have been consumed by finding a job. I am hoping to be employed in the near future! I discovered another great furniture store this week; C.G. SPARKS. They have a great selection of trunks, shelves and random mirrors and lanterns. I fell in love with a couple trunks in vibrant aqua-blue shades. I look forward to the day we have a home I can decorate. I love decorating! I also attended the Street Fair in the Avenues (a great area in slc with the most adorable houses up and down each street). If I had to live in Utah for good I would want a home in the Avenues as well as Park City. I snapped a couple picks while walking to the fair. Britt another place we must check out when you come for your next visit.