Spent all day at the Asics Japan office working from 9am till 8pm. It took us 3 hours to work on one shoe... that should give you some idea of why we work such long hours. People we are finalizing a whole season worth of shoes! I am exhausted but trying to stay awake for as long as I can since last night I awoke at every hour... ugh. The hotel is a short walk away from the office. On the walk over this morning I got experience the Cidaca's. They are these insanly loud insects in the trees. I will attempt to get a video so u can hear what I am talking about.
Ate lunch a little cafe between the office and the hotel. Ordered a seafood pasta, it was pretty tasty but I was not too hungary. My body is totally out of wac due to the major time difference. It is so funny at the office everyone eats lunch at the same time, all 600+ employees. A lunch bell rings just like when you were in elementary school and everyone rushes to the cafeteria. It is funny! Oh ya the toilet seats are heated. How crazy is that?
After work walked straight back to the hotel to shower. I was one gross smelly sweaty mess after sitting in the office all day with no a/c. Can you believe that 85 degrees with mass humidity and no a/c. Ate sushi all alone at this little sushi bar at the hotel. Tried lots of seafood I had never even heard of! The waitress was very friendly and attempted to speak english with me, she said she really wanted to talk but didnt know very many words. She came to America 3 years ago for the 1st time for a vacation. Then I met this really cute family in the elevator before I was already even in the elevator they were asking me a ton of questions. The daughter studied in San Fran, at the end of the elevator ride they were all hugging and kissing me. It is so strange to be a minority over here. The only non asians are the people I am with. When I go walking around alone everyone stares at me. It feels very strange.
Pretty much an uneventful day. The highlight of my day was hearing Tim's voice on the other end of the line. I called him on my lunch break! I miss him tremendously and my little Thor baby too.
Tomorow they do fireworks in the city so I might go check that out. But first I need to learn how to use public transportation. I know you are thinking after using every form of transportation yesterday I should know how to do it! Well, hardly anyone here speaks english and all the signs are in Japanese.