Handsome Hubby

Many of you know Tim is abroad for awhile. I miss him tremendously and constantly find myself daydreaming of him. As you noticed there are not many pics of him on our blog (due to him being out of the country) so I thought I would dedicate this post to my ADORABLE husband. Everyday I feel so blessed to have Tim in my life. He is a wonderful husband, I love him dearly. Everytime I look at him I think to myself wow he sure is cute! He has beautiful eyes, rosy cheeks and amazing soft curly locs, I love everything about him. It seems that at least once a week when I am laying out his friends find me on the beach and each of them always having something kind to say about tim and most of them state "some of the fondest and funnest memories I have are with Tim". Sometimes I ask myself if this is really my life, I can not believe I am so fortunate to be married to such a loving person. I love you Timmy. XOXOXOO