The City

Just a few random photos I have taken through out the week during our strolls around town...

One last summer concert...

Just in time to catch the last concert in the park. And it sure was entertaining! The people watching was amazing from the dancing to the outfits people were sporting - I was impressed with the fashion I saw all over the place! This guy in front of us was really feeling the music, he was in his own world dancing away non-stop while not even noticing that everyone was watching him and photographing him! The music was great and so was the company.

Exploring the City

Before moving back I had told myself I was going to get to know the city this year. There are actually a lot of interesting places to see and visit around here and I want to take advantage of them while I have the opportunity. This past week we discovered an Italian Market which also carries imported products from Spain! It was perfect since Tim was planning on making an authentic Spanish meal. The salad he made turned out great thanks to the imported products we stumbled across.

an inexpensive meal

Our first week back has been busy. We seem to have something going on each day and each night. Our first weekday back we treated ourselves to a yummy meal... at Costco! Have you tried the pizza, polish dogs, mocha freeze or ice cream bars? They are all tasty and inexpensive. Our good friends Sandra and Brock joined us!

To blog or not to?

So all week I have been debating wether to make my blog public v. private or to even have a blog at all. I have enjoyed finding many old friends, reading about friends lifes, getting recipes and staying in touch with everyone. I am not sure what I am going to do???