Lisa surprised Neal with a birthday bash at BJ's for his BIG 30! Us and 55 other guests sat on the patio to surprise Neal. The weather was perfect on Sunday afternoon at about 82 degrees. Neal was pleasantly surprised! We had a great time hanging out with Katri and Matt eating and drinking all while taking in the warm sun! I just love being around to celebrate so many occasions with our friends, when we lived away I felt we always missed out on so many events.

Birthday Boy!
The McCann Fam
Love Birds
Katri and Matt
The cake... Neal age 4.

Brit's Baby Shower

Chelsea, Naomi, Chrissy, Nic
Us at Takao
Luke, Kirk, Timmy
The Cute Sign 
Brit and Baby Boy to Be
The Cake
The Flowers
Saturday was a busy day from the start. The weather was wonderful, about 78 degrees all afternoon! I started the day with a walk on the beach in the warm sunny weather, stopped by Katri's garage sale, set up the baby shower with Brit, and enjoyed being with friends all afternoon. The shower turned out very well, Brit loved it and all the girls had a fun time. 
That evening we met up with Kirk and Chelsea, Britt, Luke and Chrissy for sushi. We love being back with all our friends and dining at some of favorite places everyweek. We ended our night at Golden Spoon chit chatting.