It is a sad day when I finally realize my age has caught up with my body. For as long as I can recall I have eaten what I want when I want and never really thought much about it. Well those days are soon to be long gone (that is if I can truly change my horrible eating habits). I have just realized that my legs and butt look absolutely disgusting and filled with mass amounts of cellulite. I never anticipated this day to come. I am horribly embarrassed that I have been laying all over the beach looking like this with out even realizing it. Why did my hubby not tell me I am a fat ass? I know you all think I am crazy but it is the honest truth. I do not even know where to start, with the exercising that is! If you have any EXERCISE tips please inform me of them. I need some good moves to help me get in shape.

In need of...

After walking all over Soho up and down Broadway and Mercer, standing on my feet all day working the PR showroom, walking from hotel to every where and any where... I need a foot massage.