The Fields


katri picking veggies in her sun bonnet

yummy! nibbling on the greens

nic, katri, mom, kelly, kel's mom

This year Katri and I decided to take mom to Tanaka Farms on their Organic Cookout Tour. We had so much fun! Eating straight from the dirt, learning about gardening, being introduced to new veggies. The food was delicious. Now all I need is a yard so I can begin my garden.

Palm Springs

About a month ago I headed to the desert to celebrate Nic's Birthday. Stopped by the outlets on the way into town....so much good stuff! Wish I could have spent all day shopping. Lounged by the pool enjoying the warm weather since it has been cool around here lately. I discovered the best sushi mom n pop shop, it was amazing! Tried a date shake for the 1st time, wow dates are super sweet. Hoping I can do another girls trip soon.