Could the weather be any better?

Seriously I am LOVING this heat wave! I would be in  high heaven if the weather was this perfect everyday, waking up to  75 degree weather at 8:30 makes for a fantastic day of bikinis, beach, and shorts at night! We enjoyed the perfect weather at the bay following Naomi's birthday party. Jules, Sophia, Evan, Chels, Kirk, Tess and Brendon all joined us for an afternoon of reading, sun bathing, surfing, and sand digging at the bay. I just can not get enough of this weather. I LOVE that is  9pm and 74 degrees.  Why can't everyday be this beautiful and warm?

And the Birthday Parties Continue...

Nic, Chrissy, Chels, Naomi

Eating cake... Yummy

Chels, Nic, Owen, Brit

Me n Baby Owen

Love birds

This weekend was filled with party after party and the weather was amazingly warm for all the outdoor events. Chrissy hosted a fun pool party for Naomi's  first birthday.  It is a strange feeling to be going to so many of our friends children's birthdays and being some of the only peeps with out any children, but we always have a blast. Naomi looked adorable as always and have fun playing and swimming with everyone. We just adore her and her mellow happy personality.  Britt and Owen ventured out of the house... and I loved holding him and checking out his tiny features, he is precious.  We had such a fun day at the pool with some great friends. 

Happy Birthday Chelsea

Chrissy, Naomi, Chels, Nic, Jules

Eating some yogurt with the Baby snatchers

A few of us celebrated with the Birthday girl at Albertacos and Cherry on Top. We always enjoy eating yummy Mexican food followed by frozen yogurt. Chelsea and I like to eat, shop, hike and watch our hotties surf.  Needless to say I have enjoyed having them living so close to us! Happy Birthday Girl!