Lunch with the girls

Girls and Babes

Chrissy and Naomi with Julie and Sophia

Nic, Jules, Sadie

Julie is in town for a visit which was a great excuse to get a group of girls together for some fun. We wondered the Spectrum, ate Javiers, and enjoyed each others company. It is so fun that most of my friends all know each other in some random way and we all get along. I can not even believe how grown up we are and so many of the girls have babies now! The babies are so adorable and very well behaved. It was such a crack up watching them interact with each other and babble to one another. Jules and Sadie we miss you and can hardly wait for May to come!

Good bye black beauty

After many years of having this car in our family my dad finally sold it. This is was my second car and it sure did treat me well. I have a lot of fun memories with this baby and she has gone through so much! I will most remember this car for the uniqueness of its major accident - getting hit/slashed open by a steam roller. She was sad, I was sad, dad was sad. Thankfully my dad knows machines and cars inside and out, he was able to fix her up and get her back into great shape. Drake(the family dog) will miss his car (my parents have been chauffeuring him around in this automobile since they adopted him). Sad day but happy day for my dads client who is now the proud owner of black beauty.