Love is LOVEly... Jeremy and Camille

We had the opportunity to attend Jeremy and Camille's reception last night. The two of them were glowing all night! The event was low key but beautiful at the same time. We enjoyed seeing many faces we have not seen in what seems like a very long time but has only actually been about 4 years. Many of the guys we saw used to hang out with "our group" and had no idea we were married. And oddly enough they were not surprised. Most the photos are on Tim's camera but here are a few photos from my cheapo camera. (I am hoping to get a new camera very very soon!!!)

My Love Returns

Timmy arrived back safely from Espana. I am beyond thrilled to be with him once again! We picked up right where we left off and it feels like he was never even gone. Our days have been long but fun filled; spending time with family, friends, eating, surfing and trying to relax in the wheee hours of the night. Im exhausted so this post is short...