Shrimp Tacos and Fresh Guacomole

I made the most delicious dinner last night! I thought I would share the recipe with anyone who might be interested...
ripe avocado mashed (# of avo's depends on number of peeps eating)
sourcream about two spoonfulls
fresh cilantro chopped
fresh onion chopped
salsa two spoonfulls (I used pace picante)
mix n mash it all together, then squeeze fresh lime juice into it and mix

precooked shrimp no peel and rip off tails
melt butter in pan on stove top, add garlic and lemon juice
dump shrimp in pan, mix all the goods and cook for about 7 minutes
warm tortillas(corn) on stove top burner
put shirmp on top of toritllas then add fresh cilantro, fresh onion, squeeze lime on top and add fresh Guacomole

Serve with black beans and Mango (fresh lime juice on the mango is delicious).

If you have any questions of suggestions let me know...

We made it back!!!

After a long ten hour drive solo (we each had our own vehicles to drive back) we have arrived! The drive actually was not too bad, the temperature ranged any where from 62 degrees to 104 degrees with sunny skies and thunder n lighting. We drove through a lightning storm which was pretty sweet, a very scary rain storm - I could not even see out my window the drops were so enormous, and lots n lots n lots of dessert.
As soon as we arrived backon Friday evening our friends were coming and coming to say hello! We were very thrilled to have them pop in for a visit. We dined at Costa Vida two hours after arriving home with Jo, the workers all remembered us cause we go there soooo often. Jo was a huge help, immediatly unpacking boxes as Tim brought them up, she hung an entire large box of clothing!! Brock and Sandra came over to hang out for a little while and catch up!
Saturday morning I awoke at 6 AM to some very interesting sounds, similar to what I would imagine a BOMB to sound like. I walked over to the family room/dining room/game room/office and looked out the window (which has a killer view of the city) and saw what I thought was a very large fire!! I woke Tim and as it turns out it was not a fire! Just a building being demoed down town and what I thought was smoke was just an ENORMOUS amount of dust! Why must they Demo a building at 6 am on Saturday??? Well needless to say I was awake so I began cleaning, unpacking and organizing our apartment. I had no idea it would take me until 6 pm!! The place is feeling more like home now. I did get to enjoy a healthy lunch with Tracey, he now lives right across the street from us! We spent saturday night with Christian and Matt eating at Iggys, if you are ever in town they have this yummy yummy sauce you dip french bread into, I just can not get enough of it, I reccomend this joint!
Church was great. Many of the couples we knew have moved out, kinda sad but we will meet new people which will be exciting. The old foggies really missed us and tons of people were thrilled to have us back, they each let us know we were missed. It was nice to know we were missed, I am looking forward to getting to know more peeps in the ward. It will be interesting to see what our callings will be???? Sunday we saw many more friends in North Salt Lake. We are doing well. Besides the fact that I am already sick of the Utards, my car was keyed by some A**hole (probably cause Utah sucks, they have no appreciation for nice cars, they all drive the crappiest cars my eyes have ever seen its horrid, and we drive the nicest cars in the complex) not to brag I am just being honest. Oh well life goes on. Now I am on the search for a job!

He Could Not Resist...

Timmy was itching to get the new iPhone. For all of you who know him he is a huge apple fan! The ladies downstairs at the Apple store know him by name. Here he is at the Daisy shoppe sporting the new toys (the deal was if I went to Apple with him he had to come to the daisy shoppe with me). PS the daisy shoppe is having a sale!!!