What a night...

So, I just returned home from a lovely dinner with Nic. We dinned at our past - time favorite casual eatery in Laguna, Coyote Grill. While enjoying our delicious meal complete with a favorite desert of mine we took in the Sunset and giggled over our "girl talk" and chit chatted about homes while perusing The Dream magazine filled with multi million dollar homes in South OC; I found the house that fits our budget it's only 19,000,000 and is complete with a car musuem (both our dad's will LOVE it and of course Tim will fill the museam with all his favorite sports cars)!
Nic's a busy girl and had be on her merry way, I headed home (well I'm house sitting) to find a not so fun surprise. The freezer broke! Are you a fan of raw meat and chicken juice, melted ben n jerrys, moooshy peas, etc? Well we all know I LOVE food, but this was udderly repulsive. Thank goodness for Tessa! Together we emptied the entire contents of the freezer into 4 large trash bags, yes I said 4! They were incredibly heavy and we are sure the neighbors are going to be questioning us come Sunday when they cannot figure out why the smell of blood and raw flesh is permeating the neighborhood in this warm weather. The trash cans were so full they do not close all the way... uh ohh stay away from Three Arch till next week!
All in all it was another fun day in Laguna.

Lovely Lilac

Mom and I went for a little shopping trip to Crate N Barrel, They are having a SALE! I picked up some really cute stuff which will look great in our future home. I can not seem to decide which purchase is my favorite?? The lilac cake stand or the lilac flower bowls... both so cute and they will go fabulous with my shabby mis-matched pastel collection of plates, bowls, and cake stands. I am anxious for the day we have our own little shack decorated by none other than ME! I had eyed these frames previously and what do you know? They were on sale today! I love a good bargain. I also found some great glass vases which look classic yet beachy. Best of all I used Gift Cards from our reception!