Party with the DYSON

Testing out the new vacuum

Nic n Marley busting in on my vacuum party


I finally purchased the vacuum I have been dreaming of for the past two years. And I can not stop vacuuming... I am an addict. This machine is incredible! I am obsessed with the sucking power of the purple machine, I get a high each time I look at the grodie germs it has sucked out of our carpet. I have vacuumed our home 4 times this weekend! If you are looking for a vacuum I recommend this Dyson Animal, it's even a fun color.


Loving being home for the holidays this year. Last year we spent Thanksgiving in Idaho since we were living away, so this year I was extremely excited to spend the day with my family. For the first time Katri and I each helped prepare the big feast. I made the spinach dip and stuffing... from scratch and it was AMAZING! Katri made homemade gravy which was delicious and bursting with flavor. The entire day was spent at my parents with family and friends. I am so THANKFUL for my Patient hubby and my PARENTS.

The Table

We were beyond SURPRISED when she showed up on time!
intensely searching the newspaper ads for flatscreens, vacuums, blue rays, navigation system
hmmm... whose is waking up at the crack of dawn for the good deals?

Meyer girls cooking it up in the kitchen

too long...

Since I have spent quality time with these girls. Life gets so busy, especially when you have children (as I have learned from all my many friends with kiddos) so it seems that I hardly see these fun girls anymore. We enjoyed a fun date night at the Spectrum with these fun couples eating CPK, walking around, laughing, and chatting it up. The time was too short, but I was so happy to finally see Jules. No matter what I do with her, we always have fun together. So grateful for my wonderful friends, the encouragement they always provide, their laughter, and example.


i thought this photo was too cute. these boys are like long lost brothers. love my cute husband and his dear friend luke. tim is so happy to have luke as a friend.