Easter Weekend


old fence on hill


hunting for eggs

love birds

Easter bunny
Easter outfit

adopted family Ben and Cara

The weather could not have been more beautiful this weekend.  I can not get enough of the 80 degree weather at the beach with clear skies and good waves. The weekend started with an amazing two hour hike in the hills of sc/sjc with Chelsea and Mu along with all the wild flowers and bugs.  I loved sweating as we climbed up and down thru the tall weeds and wild flowers. Such a great day for a hike!  We followed the hike up with yummy sandwiches and a nice relaxing afternoon at the bay chilling n reading while the hotties surfed. I love these kind of Saturdays, I can hardly wait for summer!
Easter was a fun day with family. We headed to church first thing in the morning followed by brunch at the Johnson's and an egg hunt for Maleana.  The entire afternoon was spent with my parents and a few family and friends. This year Easter at my parents was the smallest group of people in years, but it was still fun. I always love spending time with my family, it is so great to be back in town.  The weather was so warm into the night we sat outside enjoying our Easter feast and chatting till late. 
I am absolutely loving this fresh spring weather, I sure hope it lasts into summer!