Sisterly LOVE

I enjoyed another beautiful day at the beach, but it was better than usual because Katrina joined me! She officially on summer vaca! We ate lunch together on the sand, read our books, chatted and went for a stroll. I must say today was a hot day with not much of breeze, so we spent a lot of time playing in the water- the cool tempertures felt refreshing. Many of you are probably sick of all my close up shots, but thats how it goes when I am taking all the pics with my left arm.


As most of you know, I enjoy spending time with friends. Derek has been a good friend for many years. I always enjoy chit chattin with him. He knows me very well and often gives me advice on life. Most of the time I think I just crack him up because of my sillyness and weirdness, he enjoys my entertainment. Here we are at the bank, I know random spot to take a photo... the lady thought we were cukoo talking about myspace and blogs all while opening a bank account and getting a loan. We entertained her for the day!

So Long, Farewell....

Through out the past year I have had the pleasure of assisting Katrina in her classroom. The kinders are so adorable! They always seem to have the most interesting things to say when I visit them. Some of the funny comments I have heard are: "she is so pretty I wish she was my sister", "she looks just like Ms. Meyer", "Why does she look the same as Ms.Meyer", "My turtle died", "You are like a princess Niccole" The students are very sweet and I have enjoyed seeing them mature thru the year. I even recieved a card from a student on the last day, it was a drawing of her and I (too cute!) I was sad to watch them all the school yard on their last day of kindergarten. I am looking forward to being a mom and attending every event at school. As katri said "you are going to be the PTA president"! I wouldnt go that far, but I sure am looking forward to raising our children. I will miss all the kinders! It so sad to think Katri will no longer be there :-(