A visit with the Easter Bunny

Ollie has been stalked a couple times by the Bunny this season. The first time, I thought we must know this Bunny! Walking into the mall near Cheesecake Factory the Bunny notices us, gets up from his seat (with a line of kids waiting to see him), walks over to the fence waiting for us to approach (we were just walking past no intentions of stopping to visit the Bunny), he greets Ollie plays for a couple minutes, goes to bring him a sucker, and then needs to be called back to come sit for the other children! We were dying! I still do not know who that Bunny was but it happened again a different day at a different mall!
At South Coast Plaza you can photograph with your own camera. I do this each year with the Bunny & Ollie. This year baby Hazel joined us. Ollie could not get enough of the Bunny.  After our photography session he continued to walk back over to the Bunny playing footsie with him again and again. I believe he felt he knew the Bunny from our prior encounters this season.

As you can tell Ollie enjoyed playing with the herbs & veggies. Our attempt at a photo of the cousins together.