peter priesthood

While our hubby's were at the Priesthood Session of Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints us girls cooked dinner, read magazines, shopped the 99 cent store, and chatted it up. Cara and I had to show Michelle the most efficient way to shop the 99 cent store, unfortunately the trip was cut short but we still managed to get some goodies. After our home cooked meal we all enjoyed Melting Pot fondue compliments of Russ and the Bennett's.  We had a little struggle attempting to light the pot up... we eventually found a method that worked, it only took parts from 2 fondue parts. It was not until the end of the night that we figured out we had set the pot up incorrectly, oh well now we know for next time.  We had a fun night!

Cara and Michelle

The Gang
Such a treat when Greg comes for dinner, he always does the dishes!
Michelle attempting to light it up



It finally feels like Fall in Orange County. I enjoyed a lazy relaxing day yesterday as grey skies filled with rain clouds and a slight drizzle hung around all day. I began preparing for Halloween with pumpkins, spider webs and my new pumpkin spice candle. I enjoy rainy days, its a great change from the warm heat of summer and I can bust out all my cute boots and warm sweaters.