Family Fun

The Macdonald's visited for a short while.... I had so much fun with Ali and Maleana. Maleana is now like a little person, it's unbelievable how inteligent she is. She counted up to 11 and sang me the ABC's, we played, ate, sang and collected seashells on the beach. We even made friends with Larry, the pet duck!
Maleana as a very cute personality. As you can see she is adorable and check how fashionable she is already! I should have known from the begining that she would be such a fashionista, since her first pair of denim was paper denim, which she got at oh about 1 day old.
Mason celebrated is birthday down here in Laguna. We had a BBQ at the bay! Drena cooked up a delicious meal; ribs, chicken, sausage, and so many yummy sides! We enjoyed a very tasty sweet treat, chocolate cake by Sandy. We even roasted marshmelows, thanks to Mason Lauren and I enjoyed the most perfectly roasted marshmelow.
The visit was short but packed with good times. We love you Mason, Ali and Maleana.

House Hunting

Nic and I enjoyed a very long day of house hunting. I must first say, as I am driving thru Dana Point to meet up with her, I am baffled and frightened by what I see. . . Too many police on motorcycles and in cars intermixed with an odd looking bus van type automoble amoung a few large blacked out subberbans windows down with men in suits holding guns driving thru Dana Point! Now these were not little hand guns but large automatice weapons! To say the least I was slightly scared as I sat at the corner in my Audi watching stare as they drove by ready to shoot at any second, so I get on the phone and start calling my sis and friends and of course no answers (why have cell phones if we do not answer them?). It was not until yesterday that I found out what all the hoopla was about, the President of Vietnam was in Laguna and apparently there was a little uproar over the whole situation. Any way, Nic found an adorable house and at the same time we found a date for Kelly! We continued to drive around one particular area about 4 times scopping out all the homes on the market. Apparently the guy in the really cute house saw us and was wondering why we continued to pass his residence. Needless to say, when he realized we were two hotties he had to chat with us. We of course let him know we were taken, but we have a friend for him - Kelly. So if you wonder why there is a photo of a random guy it's Manny, kell's future date. We enjoyed our day checking out many homes in hopes thats soon enough we will both have homes of our own.