I love Paradise!

Being away from the wonderful OC has helped me to once again realize how blessed we are to live near the ocean and in general live in Orange County. We are so fortunate to be here for the summer and love love love it here! Thought I would post photos of our favorite hang out...

Off to Balboa for a BBQ!

I got to see Jen my adorable friend from the singles ward at her sweet house in Balboa last night. She had about 40 peeps over for a bbq and some mingling. I ran into some old hommies from the SC ward it was so fun to o catch up with everyone and meet some new peeps too! Joe and Britt met up with me and we carpooled up to Balboa to meet up with Britt's bro Colin (he's single ladies and he's a hottie!) and Jen. It's nice to get out and mingle while the hubby is away.

Grand Slam. . . What's That?

Nic got free tickets to the Angels game so us girls headed to the field. Although we are not too sporty we had a ton of fun and laughs! I am pretty sure all the die hard season ticket holder fans next to us were totally annoyed by us; who knew you're supposed to sit in your chair and watch the game the entire time? We found talking on our cells and posing for photos more entertaining than the too tight legging wearing men on the field. Kell had us in the Angel store shopping for over two innings or quarters whatever they are so we had fun trying on random baseball crap. Oh and we missed the grand slam!

Welcome to our blog!

I decided to start a new blog since our smallandtall website is overloaded with many of Tim's great photos from his travels in Espana. Since we are often far away from those we love this is a good way to keep up to date on all our fun and not so fun times in Utah.