Tag... I'm it.

Jules this is for you. I have actually never done a tag post so here it goes... A few things about me:

1. I LOVE to eat. Most of you already know this about me but I just really really really enjoy eating more than the average person. I love a good meal, I have to eat what I am craving at the moment, and sweets especially chocolate sweets are a must usually on a daily basis. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for my speedy metabolism and great genes. Side Note: stay far far away from me if I am hungry. I turn into a raging beast.

Chocolate souffle

2. I would be content to live in a bikini year round. This means the sun would be shining very bright, the weather would be warm with clear blue skies, Tim would be out in the water and we would be living life on the beach. The sun makes me very happy and cheerful. What could be better?

Us living it up at the beach

3. There is only one thing in this world that I hate... ANTS. I can barely even think about them! When I was 3 years old I got ants in my pants. I am still traumatized to this very day. Any other bugs or spiders do not even phase me, it is just the ants.

4. I am a busy body, I always have to be doing something, I can never just sit down and relax and not worry about something. I am constantly thinking about something I just can not seem to get my little head to calm down and chill. Basically I just have a ton of energy.


5. I am a bit anal about being organized (well, anal about a lot of things!). Tim has given me a new name... Annie Anal. I organize everything in our home (okay we dont have a home at the moment so our room)from shoes, clothing, dvds, jewelery etc. I just have to be able to see everything, if it is neatly arranged then I can see it. For example; I hang all of my 150+ necklaces on the wall by color, bracelets are displayed in cigar boxes, hats are hung individually this just makes it so much easier to pick out an outfit or just be able to find things.

Me organizing the kitchen in SLC

6. I enjoy seeing new places, meeting new people, and experiencing other cultures. Basically I like to travel, especially with Timmy. I have not yet been to every continent but someday I will have set foot on each of them with my hubby. My favorite places to visit are the ones that are warm and sunny, on the ocean, have yummy food and good treasure- jewelry and cool clothing.

Us in Cabo
So, Now that you know a few random and not so random things about me. I tag all of you 80 blog stockers who read my blog each day and never leave comments. I want to know who you are, what you are all about, what you enjoy and where you reside!

Beautiful Day at the Bay

Now that we have lived away from California we have a greater appreciation for the Beauty of the Ocean. Have you ever taken the time to look around at nature and all that God has created? It truly is AMAZING. The weather has been gorgeous all weekend with deep clear blue skies and views of Catalina Island. This afternoon the Hansen gang came over to enjoy the Bay with us. We all thought it would be a good idea to relax and enjoy the ocean. We chilled on the rocks, climbed through the arches since it was low tide, and walked along the beach all while shooting many photos. Naomi was really loving the crunchy texture of the sand in her teeth, toes and hands. If you would like to join us on Sunday afternoons at the Bay please call us! We always enjoy spending time with all our friends so come on over!

the girls Chrissy, Naomi, and Nic talking on the rocks

Small kissing Tall

One Arch

The Hansen's

Go Cougars!

Friday was a long day... but it is sure was fun. I woke early for an interview in Huntington, met up with Linda for a couple hours, then headed over to see Julie. Jules was in town for a few days visiting so I met up with her for a bit at the Spectrum and again at the Volleyball game. I just love her so much and miss their adorable little family now that we are gone from Utah. Julie has been a very dear friend for many years, both Tim and I admire her for different reasons. She has always been a great strength, example and friend to each of us. Every time I see her with Russell and Sadie my heart is just so overwhelmed with happiness for her wonderful life. We are eagerly awaiting Russell's graduation so we can spend time with them in Laguna for a bit.
The game was INTENSE yet so fun! I must say Tim and I are not BYU fans except when it comes to volleyball... We fully support Russell and the team. We were cheering, yelling at the ref, and just having a good time. Sadie was just as into the game as we were, she would get all excited as the crowd would cheer and she even clapped her hands when BYU was winning! BYU beat UCI in the 5th game! After the game we dinned at In N Out with Joe and Britt. I surprisingly missed Utah for about 2 minutes while reminiscing about attending the Volleyball games at BYU.