Happy Birthday Ella

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Birthday Girl Ella

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Chrissy and Ella came down from Arizona to celebrate Ella's 2nd birthday.  The party was held at Chuck E Cheese, it had been years since I had stepped into Chuck E Cheese.  I was reminded of my birthday party (i think it was my 6th birthday) that was held at Chuck E Cheese, I remember getting 2 Cabbage Patch Kids and I was thrilled. The place sure was a ton more fun back then. Although us girls did have a fun time today eating pizza, chasing down the mouse, and playing tons of games.  The  favorite of the day was the character photo drawing booth. I always enjoy seeing the girls from high school and their little ones. Weird how fast we have all grown up! Chrissy announced they are expecting their second baby! Happy Birthday little miss Ella, we miss you girls.