My only friend from Utah...

Jo came for a short visit and we have been busy. One of the many things I love about Jo is she can keep up with me when it comes to shopping! And boy did we shop; H&M, Urban, Zara, Forever 21, Nordi's, Victoria's, Thirft stores, Antique stores, random shoe stores and the best part was every store we stopped into was having a SALE! Everday was packed with fun, shopping, eating and lots of talking and laughter.

Happy Birthday MOM!

My mom has been the best role model as well as inspiration to me. The compassion, love, selflessness, confidence and creativity of my mom have shaped me into the person who I am today. I love my mom and look forward to the day I am mom ( I just hope I can be half as great of a mom as my mom is). Mom and I had an enjoyable day filled with shopping and eating!
I made this little creation for mom's garden filled with flowers, herbs and a veggie. She loved it! And it looks really cute in the yard.

Sprinkles Cupcakes Taste Test

It's no secret I absolutely LOVE to eat! I enjoy eating a little too much, more than the average girl. And for some reason I must eat at least two sweets a day. Who said cake is only for dessert? Sometimes I eat ice cream or my favorite home made chocolate cake for breakfast followed by a yummy glass of chocolate milk. I have heard so much buzz about these Sprinkles cupcakes and I did not understand what the hype was all about... And now that I have had one (well not just 1 but 4 to be honest and yes I ate them all in one sitting) I still do not know what all the hype is all about. Check out their website www.sprinklescupcakes.com
I sampled chai, red velvet, strawberry and well I can not remember the 4th flavor (I guess it wasn't too great if I can not recall it). The flavors with cream cheese frosting tasted creamyier than the buttercream frosting which is super sweet. Don't get me wrong, each flavor was good and I would eat them again but, I still think my chocolate cupcakes are more moist, soft and delicious. If you would ever like to try my cupcakes come on over.